WEB links

computers developer html codeguru The number one developer site :-) (c++, com ...)
codeproject The best developer site :-) (c++, com ...)
msdn Microsoft msdn.
developersdex Developerdex developer site.
builder.cz Czech information server about programming.
external.cz Czech information server about programming.
download bootdisks Installation disk for Dos5.0, win 98 .. windowsME.
mozilla Mozilla internet browser.
fonts Fonts.
PNG Portable Network Graphics format for pictures and multiple-image Network Graphics, + libs. Home pages.
inno setup Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability.
doxygen Doxygen is a documentation system for C++, Java, IDL (Corba, Microsoft and KDE-DCOP flavors) and C.
sysinternals.com Best tools for windows. Monitoring, performace and utilities.
atari icons Free icons, art collections.
ahead - nero burning room Nero burning room program home page.
drivers, hardware MSI Micro-Star International.
warez, cracks astalavista Best Slovakian crack and warez server.
newspaper about software zive Czech server about computers, digital photo, pda.
Lupa Czech server about internet technology.
SvetHardware Czech server about hardware.
digizone Czech server about digital broadcasting.
DSL Czech server about internet technology.
Technet Czech server about internet technology.
ISDN Czech server about internet technology.
internetprovsechny Czech server about internet technology.
CDR Czech server about cd-r technology.
PC Tuning Czech server about PC Tuning.
Tom's Hardware Guide Hardware tests. Papers about computer hardware.
corba omniORB Free High Performance CORBA 2 ORB from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge, for c++ language.
jacORB The free Java implementation of the OMG's CORBA standard.
openORB OpenORB Enterprise Suite is the ultimate solution for distributed and professional Java applications developed with CORBA.
corba czech text Czech text about corba technology.
others www.uschovna.cz Server for moveing files.
p2p P2p net.
torrent search Torrent search - isohunt.
begPutty Ctrl+Home and Shift+Arrows in Putty in Linux...
digital video/photo technology digital video technology tvfreak Czech server about digital video technology.
titulky Subtitles server.
doom9 Server about digital video technology.
digital-digest Server about digital video technology.
divx X dvd Czech server about digital video technology.
divx.com My preferred video codec.
Virtual VCR Program for video grabbing.
digital photo technology megapixel Czech digital photo shop.
digineff Best czech page about digital photo.
D-Preview Best page about digital photo.
funny ice-hockey hokej.cz Czech page about ice-hockey.
1hokej.cz Czech page about ice-hockey, "idnes" paper.
HC Karlovy Vary Czech page about ice-hockey, club from Carlsbad.
sport squash Ohradni Squash sport centrum.
papers idnes Best czech newspaper.
virtually Best czech newspaper.
ihned Best czech newspaper.
lidovky Best czech newspaper.
novinky Best czech newspaper.
sport Newspaper "sport" about sport.
annonce Czech newspaper "annonce", advertising.
inwest Czech newspaper "inwest", advertising.
inzertspoj Czech newspaper "inzertspoj", advertising.
pcbazar PC bazaar.
company/store software company Samo Samo software house. Web cam + temperature indicator in Pilsen and Most.
SunnySoft SunnySoft software house. This company create programs for PDA. PDA internet shop there too.
store Vltava Czech biggest books store Vltava.
Compuco Good Czech computer store.
Czech computer Czech computer store.
BazarCom Czech computer store.
PC-Bazar Czech computer store.
BOXED Czech computer store.
StilComp Czech computer store.
Mobil Opava Czech mobile phone store.
TipCars Czech auto store.
Herbalife Herbalife.
Shipito Buy items in USA.
language course Elvis Language school.
Glossa Language school.
Polyglot Language school.
Akcent Language school.
Educo Language school.
Park Language school.
St. James Language school.
The British Council Language school.
Channel Crossings Language school.
others portals/links pages Google Best portal in the world.
Centrum Czech portal.
Seznam Czech portal.
finances finance.cz Czech web pages about finances.
mesec.cz Czech web pages about finances.
Komercni banka Komercni banka (Czech bank institute).
Ceska sporitelna Ceska sporitelna (Czech bank institute).
others advertising Czech web page advertising change system.
IPravnik Czech web page about law.
www.byty.cz Server about living, purchasing, selling flats.
Cigaretes Pages about cigaretes.
tvinfo Pages about radios, tvs, webcameras.
Czech-Slovak movie database Pages about Czech-Slovak movie.
Internet movie database Pages about movies.
Translator Language translate pages.